The Betsy-Tacy Society

Where dreams come true...

As a young girl, Maud Hart Lovelace dreamed of becoming a writer.
She followed her dream and became the author of the universally
loved series of Betsy-Tacy books.

Step into Betsy and Tacy's Deep Valley...

With support from Maud Hart Lovelace fans from around the world,
the Betsy-Tacy Society has preserved and restored the childhood homes
of Maud's fictional characters, Betsy and Tacy. Now open to visitors,
Betsy's House is a museum where one can see how the Hart family lived
more than 100 years earlier. Across the street, a visit to Tacy's House offers
artifacts from the Hart Lovelace family, photos and more.

Support the work that means so much to so many...

Peruse this site to learn more about Maud Hart Lovelace, her work, and the restored
Deep Valley homes. Consider supporting the preservation mission adopted by the Betsy-Tacy Society through your donation or by becoming a member. Thank you for visiting and welcome to Deep Valley.